Our B&B is located in a beautifull detached home, called 'Willy' after the daughter of the contractor who build the house in 1933 for his own family. He is the same contractor who build the houses on the adjecent street. 

The house has a long and rich history, about we can gladly tell you more. The house feels right, which our guests agree upon!

All prizes are included breakfast and touristtax.

Room 1: Zilte luxe

This guestroom is on the second floor and has its own luxury bathroom. The room has two large and comfortable single person beds. There are also a small sitting area with television and a sink in the room. This rooms costs €80,- per night.

Zilte luxe

Te gast in Zeeland

Room 2: Te gast in Zeeland

This room is also on the second floor and is suitable for two persons. It has a comfortable bed and its own bathroom with toilet, sink and shower. This room also contains a sitting area with television. This room costs €80,- per night.

Kamer 3: Blik op de Boulevard

This guestroom costs €70,- per night, including breakfast. The room has a distant view of the tall buildings of the boulevard of Vlissingen.

The room has two boxspring beds (200 x 80 cm), a television and a sitting area. On the same, third floor is the bathroom with sink, shower and toilet.

In the morning breakfast will be served on the ground floor, in the living room.

With 4 nights in a row or more, we have a special discount of 10% on the total amount. Staying for a longer period, for example temporary workers, is also possible. Please contact us for further information.


Blik op de Boulevard

Zilte rust

Room 4: Zilte rust

On the same third floor is a second room. When your group consists of more than two people (up to 4), these guests can stay in this room, while the others stay in room 3. This room also has two excellent beds, a sitting area and a tv. This room costs €60,- per night.